AEX All-in-One MEDUSA has arrived Armada

A Complete All-in-A Box PA Solution

With the growing needs of building evacuation systems, integrated with paging and uninterrupted background music capabilities, Armada grandly presents MEDUSA Series which have a cost-vs-performance solution to any installation with unsurpassed features that is only found in high-end systems.

Reducing Manpower & Installation Cost

The MEDUSA Series is designed with a clear objective, to reduce equipment count, simplify installation and reduce inter-equipment cabling by integration of multi-functions into a single box.

Higher System Expandability

This system is easily expandable for additional microphones, more zones and higher power amplification. Besides, it is readily upgradable to support VECTUS Network PA System. With the upgrade, it could support a large number of paging stations that can be placed anywhere in the building wherever there is a network connection.

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