Three-day Dahua Experience Days Successfully Held

22-24 Feb 2017
Armada Office
The Dahua Experience Days 2017 has successfully come to an end.
Thank you for all the participation in the Tech journey.

In our modern society, everyone strive for efficiency. In order to cater the taste of public, intelligent products come over one after another, e.g. smart phone, smart watch, etc. In the past few days, our technical professionals demonstrated the one-stop surveillance solutions for smart home and intelligent building.

One of the focus of the event is the HDCVI 3.0 Technology. Its compatibility effortlessly integrates with five popular industry platforms and different external sensors and detectors so as to provide a comprehensive service. Another key highlight of the event is the LCD & LED video wall. The embedded intelligent brightness control provides users with bright and high contrast images. The ultimate 4K resolution can display more video details and vivid pictures. Other smart features includes short response time, super-wide viewing angle and super-narrow edge. Combine with the multi-screen controller, it provides user with a user-friendly, stable, and thus a complete set of video wall display solution.

Our event covers further than the above.
Get interested in knowing more about the latest security trend?
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Event Recap:
Dahua-Experience-Days-2017-Event-Photo-Demo     Dahua-Experience-Days-2017-Event-Photo

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