Wireless Broadcast Seminar

28 April 2017
Armada Office

On this Friday evening, Armada has its AEX Seminar 2017 held and successfully come to an end. The atmosphere is filled with the passion in exploring how to create a more efficient workforce within a retail store. 

The competition within the retailing industry is getting intense. To stand out within the market, it is critical to improve in one’s strategic marketing. One of the criteria is to improve the in-store communication. And here comes to our seminar topic: Retailers’ In-store Communication through Wireless Broadcast.

This time, our main focus is on how wireless media broadcasting helps increase the efficiency of both internal (management to staff) and external (store to customer) communication. During the seminar, our professionals explained the use of AEX products to monitor the in-store music to upgrade the in-store environment. Also, by how AEX solution helps schedule the audio and video advertisement to be shown in different branches. Moreover, we talked about how wireless broadcasting helps schedule staff reminders or briefings so as to maintain the high service level. Our seminar discussed far more than the above.

Once again, thank you for the support of all participants.

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Event Recap:


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