AXIS Channel Partner Forum

27 July 2017
Axis Office
This Friday, the Axis Channel Partner Forum was successful held and we fully appreciate Axis for organizing such an informative event and our security partners enjoyed a lot.
In this forum, Axis put the main focus on their Retail Solution, as its name suggests, a solution aims to improve store safety, efficiency and profitability. The Retail Solution consists of two parts, the AXIS Store Optimization Suite and the AXIS Loss Prevention Suite. AXIS demonstrated the capabilities of the Retail Solution, including accurate people counting through the AXIS People Counter and the AXIS Store Reporter which can show people counting statistics to aid decision-making. Also, AXIS taught us how to choose the most suitable end-to-end solution for retailers, this is surely an excellent addition to their demonstration, as this helps us to choose the appropriate products for our customers.
This forum proved to be a golden experience; we are glad to meet the professionals from the security industry and have the honour to witness the latest technologies from AXIS.  We look forward to meeting them again.

Event Recap:

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