Seminar: Seeking Solutions to Outdoor Transmission Challenges

25 August 2017
Armada Office

This Friday, Armada organized the Transmission Seminar and came to an end successfully. We are happy that all, including our instructors and participants, enjoyed the seminar very much.
This seminar's focus is Outdoor Wireless Transmission. Outdoor Wireless Transmission is a very challenging issue, as all of the components in the system must be tough enough to withstand all the natural elements like water and heat.
In this seminar we are honoured to have P2 Wireless and OT Systems to share their latest technologies. To begin with, P2 Wireless demonstrated their Smart Virtual Fiber - a wireless mesh network, which has no single-point-of-failure. It is a fast and reliable mesh network, which is intended to work properly even when the access controller is down. 
Meanwhile, OT Systems showed us the durability of industrial hardware for wireless network, which is strong enough to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Also, OT Systems introduced the new CCTV Trailer, which is capable of delivering electricity to remote locations to provide 24/7 CCTV services.

Besides, we have prepared a video demonstrating how to set up and operate CCTV trailer with outdoor cameras and wireless mesh network at Hong Kong Science Park. The video enabled the participants to have a better understanding about outdoor wireless transmission.
Last but not least, a big ‘thank you!’ to all the participants and instructors who participated this seminar passionately. We look forward to seeing you again.
Event Recap:

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