Seminar: Access Control Solution in Healthcare Sector

29 September 2017
Armada Office

On this Friday afternoon, Armada has its Access Control Seminar hold successfully. We are glad to see our participants and speakers enjoyed the seminar a lot.

It is not rare to hear medical incidents have drastically increased these years. Our seminar is about how access control solution can create an error-free medical environment.

During the seminar, our talents have introduced how HID smart Mobile Access adopted the simple steps: ‘tap’, ‘twist and go’ through the door; how MorphoAccess SIGMA
 series could make use of human’s fingerprint to reach unrivalled security of access control. Also, the handsfree Nedap uPASS Access could allow authorized access  when your hands are full. Together with the illustration of EntryPass Platform 1, an integrated system to control who could obtain the authorized access. After all, our audience were keen on sharing their views with our specialists during the product demonstration session.

Once again, we shall ‘salute’ to all participants who attended to the seminar enthusiastically.
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Event Recap:

Speaker talks on MorphoAccess SIGMA seriesSpeaker talks about Nedap uPASS AccessSpeaker talks about EntryPass Platform 1Participants Interacts with Our Specialists

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